Sunday, January 11, 2009

This is Sammy! Sammy did great last week and has improved tremendously with his potty training- as a result of his owners consistent efforts to keep an eye on him and get him out frequently! Sammy and his owners learned the fun in practicing recalls last week. Sammy LOVED the game. Remember- with a recall you want to get the behavior of the dog actually running towards you before you yell out the cue of "come" (or whatever you choose to use). We can "name" the behavior of them running to us simply because they are actually doing it!!! The more you practice this .....the more the cue will be reliable when you need it the most! In the meantime, let's remember to close the front door behind us so the pups don't escape!

This is GIDGET!! Gigdet can be a little treat focused so we really worked on paying attention WHERE her focus was last it on the treats? Then no treat! Gidget does wonderfully on leash with walking .... try upping the ante a bit though with higher vaule treats when you step outside your house into an environment with a lot of distractions. We also worked on reinforcing taking the treats with gentle lips.... Gidget still has her sharp sharky puppy teeth! Recalls were also on our list last week. Do you have a lot of family members and want to be sure to involve them with training? Remember- recall games are a great way to include everyone! Practice getting the dog to WANT to come in your direction and call out the cue as she runs to you. Reinforce heavily when they get to you! Next, another family member calls her name and repeats. Play this game back and forth with the pup amongst each family member! How fun!

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  1. You are so right. My dogs have always been recycled:) The three I have now are all terrier crosses with tough backgrounds but with training and care, I am proud to own them.