Tuesday, July 28, 2009

MY dog is smart!

Well I already KNEW Bosley was smart... but you know, sometimes being a dog trainer, you get so busy training OTHER dogs that you don't spend AS much time training with your own dog. Today the Boz-man and I worked on a bunch of targeting and shaping behaviors. He has always been great on the matt but today he chose (after working a few minutes on it) the large carpet, that is a recent addition to our family room, as his default matt. What a great idea! I just love watching dogs Think and learn and while doing so saying: "this mom? is this it? does this work?" He would skip right on over like an excited 2 year old in a candy shop and pounce on the carpet section waiting for the next request. What a cute little guy. I'm motivated to do even more with my dear little friend. :)

Our companions are SO willing to please. Don't forget to give them the opportunities!

Friday, July 3, 2009

4th of July and Summer Safety!

It's that time of year dog owners! The June gloom is behind us and Summer is here! I know because I got a pretty bad sunburn this past weekend and my back is peeling!

What does this mean for your dogs? It means you need to pay a bit more attention to them.

Make sure you NEVER leave them in the car. Not even with the windows down! Think ahead. If you must take them but can't take them in to where you are headed then go on that errand at another time! The car's temperature inside increases FAST and it gets extremely hot inside. ** you should never leave your dog in the car anyways!**

Make sure you always bring extra water for your dog! I went on a walk yesterday and made sure I shared my water with my dog. He's working too! And it's Hot outside! It's very important to keep the animals hydrated, as it is yourself. You can buy portable water bowls and even portable dog water bottles with a bowl attached!

Pay attention to how hot the payment is. Some dogs may burn their paw pads. If you're planning a noon-day walk, perhaps reschedule until early evening when the pavement is a bit cooler.

Some fair skinned dogs or light muzzled dogs may burn easily too. Check with your Vet for the best SPF skin protectant..

With fire works - the BEST solution is to leave your dog at home. Even a CD with calm music to cover up the loud noises going on outside helps too. You can look into purchasing calming collars which have a great effect as well.

Keep in mind dog's senses- especially hearing! are far superior than ours. So it should be no surprise that the fireworks would be a bit frightening to them. The idea of watching a firework show and having a picnic just isn't their cup of tea!! Do what's best for THEM....keep them at home and try not to go walking at the time fireworks may be going on.