Saturday, January 17, 2009


Sat Jan 24th is Change a Pet's Life Day across the USA in 300 shelters!

You should ALWAYS adopt your pup at a shelter! SO many doggies are there just waiting for a good home!

What is this event all about??
Certain shelters nationwide are giving special discounts to adoptions. Fees for the first 10 adoptions at each participating shelter will be paid for by Topeka-based hill's Pet Nutrition- which organized the events. Some pets will be given to some adopters at no's a nationwide effort to boost the number of homes found for all the shelter dogs out there.

Typically adoption fees range from $25.-$300 depending on the shelter, dog and its age.

History proves for some shelters that this day almost doubles the amount of adoptions they have which as a result can equally effect in reducing the euthanasia rate.

The shelters are promoting this event on their websites, local media and even Craigslist.

What else?? Adopters even receive free science diet pet food and a training/info DVD to all adopters and will receive a toll-free number to answer pet questions.

You can find the list of participation shelters at:

Pass this along to anyone you know who is in the market for a new family member!!!

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