Friday, June 19, 2009

Are you a Cesar Millan Fan? I hope not!

Finally more and more are realizing that Cesar's methods are not the most ideal methods to train dogs with. Finally...people are taking action. Below is the pdf of the letter from the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior to Merial who is considering promoting Cesar's and his methods in a Heartgard and Frontline campaign:

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They even have references to speak about the results of Cesar's training. "We would also be happy to provide you with additional peer-reviewed references indicating that the training methods televised on “The Dog Whisperer”often lead to increased aggression and human injury. " I think viewers forget this is ALSO a television show where editing is used aggressively.

I hope that you continue to use positive reinforcement with your dogs.....

Come on now! and GET Pawsitive! :)

The pioneer of clicker training

Karen Pryor has a new book out! I definitely recommend you read it. Check out her recent showing on ABC to hear and see a nice quick overview of just what it means to click!

She just needs a little more time to train the newscaster on the rules of the click--- click/treat click/treat ... :)