Monday, December 29, 2008

A new day!

Looking forward to begin the journey of reading and studying Ken Ramirez's behavior and training book. I received it from my dear husband for Christmas!

Also recommended to everyone is "don't shoot the dog" by Karen Pryor. A good solid read into the understanding of how positivie reinforcement training works. Ken's book notes that it references this quite a bit. I pulled it off my shelf and will look to re-read it...since it's been a while!

Still thinking of a creative name for my training business! Ideas!? My business cards should be arriving any day. I'm excited about that!

How did the pups do last week?
Zin's family was sick, so we rescheduled....

Gidget did great! We were able to work on taking treats a bit more gently.. she's quite sharky. It's interesting to see how quickly she 'gets' it with each member of the family. I tried to pass on the reminder that "consistency" will help with each delivery.

This week I will see a new client, along with Gidget and little 5 month old Sammy.

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