Saturday, August 28, 2010

Product review!

I recently came across the Dog Brick, a fun interactive food dispensary game for my dog and clients. The Dog Brick, distributed by Company of Animals (, is an easy to learn game for dogs of all ages and sizes. The concept is simple! Fill the hidden slots with your dog’s kibble and slide the covers over it. The center section can also be filled with additional treats and kibble which are then covered with four plastic dog bones. The dog quickly learns to remove the middle section bones and slide the outer covers to reach the hidden slots. Some use their mouth, some their paws. For small dogs, like mine, it holds his complete meal.

The game offers wonderful mental stimulation for the dog and proves to be entertaining for them! For dogs who need something to do when you leave the house this is a great choice. The bones and sliding sections of the toy work well and there are minimal pieces to clean and pick up.

This is a great interactive food game for dogs and children. Children can be a part of helping to feed the dog by filling the slots and hiding the treats in each section. They can easily carry the tray over and watch without having to encroach into the dog’s space- this keeps it fun and safe for everyone playing! I have two young children and we’ve all enjoyed watching Bosley enjoy his meal time! Not only does Bosley enjoy eating his kibble out of it each morning but my 3 1/2 year old James enjoys being a part of feeding time more so now than he did when it was just a scoop of kibble here and there into a bowl.

Remember, your dog learned how to eat their meal out of a bowl long ago. Practice offering them more ways to earn their meals. Stimulate them!

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