Tuesday, July 28, 2009

MY dog is smart!

Well I already KNEW Bosley was smart... but you know, sometimes being a dog trainer, you get so busy training OTHER dogs that you don't spend AS much time training with your own dog. Today the Boz-man and I worked on a bunch of targeting and shaping behaviors. He has always been great on the matt but today he chose (after working a few minutes on it) the large carpet, that is a recent addition to our family room, as his default matt. What a great idea! I just love watching dogs Think and learn and while doing so saying: "this mom? is this it? does this work?" He would skip right on over like an excited 2 year old in a candy shop and pounce on the carpet section waiting for the next request. What a cute little guy. I'm motivated to do even more with my dear little friend. :)

Our companions are SO willing to please. Don't forget to give them the opportunities!

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