Thursday, April 2, 2009


It's been a bit since I've posted- busy with trying to buy a house, being pregnant and well- then there's work! :)

But how about recalls!? We all want our dogs to come running to us when we call them, right? But what's most important is that the "come" cue is RELIABLE when we LEAST expect we are going to NEED our pup to come running to us!! (ie: someone left the front door open-oops! and there went the doggie!)

SO what does this mean?? This means- try to practice getting the dog to WANT to run to you as exercises in themselves...versus waiting until that someone leaves that front door open and you simply "HOPE" and "PRAY" that Kona will come back running at the first call or whistle! As you get your dog to WANT to run in your direction you toss in the cue of "come!" while he's in motion.... wa-la! you are naming the behavior!

Today I was with Gunner- a 13 week old Golden Retreiver... Playing the games of running back and forth between two people and reinforcing that puppy when he arrives at your feet with something delicious really left an impression in cute Gunner's mind. Boy will he want to do THAT again! - look how it ended!! So often in the past the result of getting to the owner ended in some sort of unpleasantry for the dog- So when you practice getting your dog to run back and forth to you from another object or playing hide and seek with them make sure that you get that tail to wag!! Make it fun! Reward!! Get excited! (But not too excited it sends your pup over the top- you'll know your dog and how much enthusiasm you can give). If you play the recall games in the house and in the back yard over and over again...... your chances of getting that dog to run to you when you finally ask him to will be much more reliable!! Also, neither part will be frustrated. :)

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